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Stephanie Shaffer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience helping patients and families face their life challenges.  Stephanie started her career at a community re-entry rehabilitation program for adults who sustained traumatic brain injuries and strokes.  This is where Stephanie first understood that the situation of one family member affects the entire family unit.  Stephanie has worked in Hospice and Home Health for over 10 years and found her strength in guiding both patients and families through the difficult process of adjusting to loss while finding a sense of emotional and spiritual peace.

These experiences have given Stephanie the ability to be effective in helping individuals through life altering diagnoses, chronic illness, caregiver role stress, family issues, depression, anxiety, and grief / loss.  Stephanie’s unique life experiences with having a rare birth defect, surviving a near death experience, and overcoming severe health issues gives her first hand empathy to her patients.  Her positive perspective of life, sound counsel and strengths- focused approach leads to insight, growth and healing.  Stephanie uses Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques, Mindfulness and Guided Imagery, as well as an individual’s mind-body-spirit orientation as tools to achieve her client’s goals.